Our Geospatial and Remote Sensing Expertise and Capabilities

GCS provides expertise in the general areas of systems engineering and integration coupled with expertise in geospatial sciences and remote sensing technologies. Our principal customer is within the GEOINT Defense and Intelligence Communities (DoD/IC).

Our capabilities cover the full life cycle of programs, projects, and technologies. We employ personnel that operates at requisite security levels (Secret, Top Secret/SCI).

3D Database

Systems Development Life Cycle Engineering and Integration in support of the largest repository of three-dimensional (3D) data and associated two-dimensional (2D) geospatial products for the DoD/IC communities.

Research and Development Technology Assessments

Objective, quantitative evaluations of current and emerging geospatial technologies, tools, data, and products across government, academia, and industry in support of our customers, NSG, and the broader DoD/IC communities.

Technology Transitions

Transition R&D program technology into real-world operations for various remote sensing programs. Past transitions include JAUDIT, ALIRT, HALOE, TACOP, and Machete.

Systems Cloud Deployment

Deployed one of the first GEOINT capabilities (software and content)into the AWS government cloud environment and multiple security domains.

Our Process to Ensure Customer Success

Setting Up For Customer Success

Project and Program Management – Clear guidance is effectively communicated. What do I know, and who needs to know? How do I smartly balance resources, schedule, and technical content?

Requirements Definition – Articulation of what needs to happen. We distill requirements down to what is actually needed by the customer. What is in, and what is out? How to most effectively articulate what is to be built?

Development of Test Plans and Test Procedures – No matter how big or small, trivial or complex, you will never know if you have succeeded if you don’t have a plan and procedures to test it. How do we confirm that we have built it correctly?

Ensuring Customer Success

Concept of Operations Development – Our experience pays dividends in how programs should operate for success.

Independent Verification and Validation – We immerse ourselves in the technical details of software, hardware, and data to ensure that things are built correctly and meet expectations.

Test and Evaluation – We immerse ourselves in the technical details of software, hardware, and data to ensure that things are built correctly and meeting expectations.

Quality and accuracy assessment – Our experience in rigorous, objective, and quantitative assessment will leave you with no questions as to the quality of the tool, data, or product.

Data management – An ongoing process that must begin with effective data organization; data management is continuous, and we do it well.

Technical documentation – Often neglected, we understand and address the importance of technical documentation to mission success- and we deliver.

Advocating for Customer Success

Training Material – Effectively translating system technical capabilities in order to remove the guesswork. We enable users to become proficient quickly and be more productive.

User Outreach and Training – We are passionate about the work and love to train and spread the word about our programs. Firsthand interaction with system users ensures they have the knowledge and tools they need to be productive and successful.

GCS is here to help you identify and implement the highest-quality geospatial solutions. Contact us for a free consultation.